Let me tell you an interesting story about a raft of duck, who use to live in a beautiful pond of “Duck Land”. This pond was specially dedicated to them by their owner.. Their owner was really keen of raising ducks.. So he named it “DUCKLAND” The land of ducks, People come from far and wide to see this fancy place.
So, there live a family of duck. They were total 5 the drakes(momma and daddy ) , three baby ducks and a new born duckling.
All of them live fully with joy and happiness.
All of the baby ducks use to play in water by singing the beautiful sound of QUACK” QUACK ” they immerse themselves in cold water again again. The momma duck take care of them all, by providing them all the food sources and protecting them from hazards.
The drake(the daddy duck) go with their friends to earn some money for their children livelihood.
The three elder ducks were very Clever and Sensible
But the duckling was very innocent, confused and shy.
Since, she was a new born, she always use to hide herself when she feel discomfort or danger . Their elder brothers use to teach her everyday to protect herself in danger and to be strong to defeat any danger. One day in the evening, the drakes decided to name duckling .So they name her “DODO”.
The next day it was Dodo’s birthday…
All of they decided to go to the near toy shop, to bring presents for her to make her immensely happy. So the duckling also go out with them and they started walking they were walking in a line following their momma duck. All of them walked very instantly but, the duckling feets were very tiny so she couldn’t able to walk on that speed.. When ever they take three to four steps DODO starts to make noise telling them all that, I am lost. They all stop again and again to see Dodo” to know If she is alright or not


They all started to walk again, towards the toy shop happily.. Whenever they feel joy they start to sing QUACK” QUACK” QUACK”. So, they could share their happiness with each other. Along the way, there comes a deep and long pond.
The water of the pond was really cold and nobody else was existing there.
DODO get confused by thinking 💭 now how will she pass that pond. All of the siblings and momma duck put firm steps towards the pond with no fear. But DODO, She her head down with sorrow thinking that she is not capable of anything.


However, DODO tried her best to cross that pond, herself with full determination and willingness.
But after a while, few steps forward in to the pond, she felt herself drowning in the water. All of the other ducks passed the pond very easily. Nobody asked DODO about help, because they all want to teach her the courage she has lost in herself.
When all of the ducks passed the pond they look back and saw DODO was moving steps back with tears in her eyes. She was very unhappy with her tiny feets and small feathers. She don’t have much power in her shoulder and knees to push herself through the water.
Suddenly, DODO heard the sound of water burbling when she look back her mother was coming back. Her eyes began to shine. So, she could carry her beyond the water. She set Dodo on her head very generously and take her to across the pond like a princess. So, DODO keep remembering her first experience for life time…


DODO was jumping and running hurriedly with new hopes but again. On the way a long green bush appeared.
All of them went ahead in to the bush without thinking of the little baby. For DODO once again the hurdle, knocked DODO’s life badly

5: Dodo Disappeared

Everyone passed through the bush very easily but when they look back they come to know they have lost Dodo in the bush..
Momma duck went back and for a long time she keep watching through the bushes for her small little baby.. Many whispers began to come to her mind.
She tried again but nothing worked.

6: The Toy Store

She bowed her head and came out of the bushes hopelessly..
Suddenly one of the elder sibling said something to her mother duckling that they can still find DODO, they didn’t wasted time and all of them started walking very quickly and reached the toy store. They analyzed the store and went inside hurriedly.

7: The Miracle Box

They all ran out of the store. Momma drake was carrying a box and a air pump. They all have still some hopes left to find out DODO. All of the three siblings were very concerned and shocked after loosing DODO they were running and asking momma drake what will happen next??

8: The Duck Balloons

Momma duck pumped four balloons with air which were huge in shape and the colour looks same exact like DODO’s mother.
She settled all of the four balloons in same distance throughout the corners of the bush. All of them got curious and started to stare the bush with sorrow and cold heart.

9: The Happy Ending Moment

The elder siblings and mother ran in to the bush madly, because they all have became very concerned and desperately started to find DODO by making noise. Her mother know when DODO will see the balloon, she will sit on that happily expecting the balloon her mother.
Suddenly, the happy moment breaks and mama look DODO was sitting on the balloon.
DODO’s siblings started to smile with joy and set their wings up with contentment.