There lived a wild quack who think of himself as the most clever ever creature in this world. He thought he can fool everyone. 😅
But he never knew about the most clever existence around him, who are more powerful and quick-witted.
One day quack caught a juicy big fish but he was unable to move across the river.
He was standing on the river and a big crocodile appears there, the wild quack get shocked and puzzled, he started to fool the crocodile  ……….,
Then the crocodile made a deal with him,,,
Crocodile : So, let me get this straight
.. I give you a ride across the river and in exchange. You will give me that big juicy fish..

Wild Quack:
Correct to my crocodilian comp_deral
So, we got a deal..

Crocodile: meh.. FAIR ENOUGH!

On the half way across
Quack thought that maybe this time he has been fooled by the crocodile..😰
His voice was murmuring
by the fear of crocodile’s sharp teeth ….

 Halfway has passed,then the crocodile stopped  between the river. Quack was badly threatened and asked crocodile that, why we have stopped??? Crocodile threatened him by saying that, I have realized something yet.
That what is stopping me to eat both of you right now ‘😋😈
Quack was shivering because of the fear.. Then quack tried last to make him fool by saying, ” nothing except for, the guilt of not keeping your promise” QUACK smiled with good hopes. AND crocodile started to move ahead

Crocodile have been fooled once again, The quack thought!
Crocodile was faithfully doing his job, but the quack was unaware about the anger and power of the crocodile. Crocodile was smiling with the hope of getting that fatty fish Then they just reached the destination but the quack didn’t knew, that the crocodile was more clever than him. He was tired. so, he decided to rest for few minutes and also thought to make a check on quack, he didn’t took him to  the land, Else where.. he took him to the small piece of land in between the river.. the crocodile landed him there and the quack began to laugh with unfaithfulness and Said welp, here we are! Thanks for the ride baby crocodile.. 😋

The quack thought  that, he can run more fast than a lion now..nothing can stop him to fool the crocodile. He didn’t looked back and jumped away on the land by laughing and  saying loudly, You gave me a free ride! SEE YA, SUCKA!

The crocodile get very angry he said.. hey listen to me  you fool,
but the foolish quack didn’t listened and run away.. Quack run as fast as he could. He saw a glimpse of river water again but he didn’t stopped running. But very soon the land ended and the river appeared again, Now the Quack realized of something

The quack looked back and fell on the land because he was immensely feared.
The crocodile was standing behind by watching him with angry eyes…
The crocodile said, i knew you might do  this to me  for sure..
That’s why i just stopped here for taking a few minutes rest…

Do you remember what you said of not keeping your promise.

The quack was very ashamed of what he does.. And begun to asked the crocodile for the mercy by saying.. Hehe i suddenly see  the error of my ways!.
Take this fish  as a sorry present!
The crocodile kept on fearing him with the  smiling face.
Lesson learned:

Your enemies should never be considered weak.

The End!