The last time Ben Hed posted a new cartoon to his Instagram account was almost a year and a half ago. As part of the program, a cat named Pixie was paired up with an ex-military canine named Brutus. They became instantly popular on the Internet, and as a result, Ben decided to dedicate a full series to their antics. While at work, Pixie and Brutus were nothing more than a random comic concept that I got in my head. According to a previous interview, Hed never planned to create a series for them.

To bring a lovely tiny kitten to an intimidating military dog, I thought, was amusing. Pixie and Brutus were the subjects of my first animal comic, which was so well received that I continued to create them. Ben is now followed by over 2.3 million people on Instagram, and Pixie and Brutus played a big role in that. Whatever your level of familiarity with the series, their new comics are as as entertaining as their previous ones, which can truly brighten your day.

Credit: Pet_Foolery


Naturally, the series is much more than simply the primary protagonists. The supporting cast is fantastic, the plot is engaging, and the artwork is beautiful. But it elevates the complicated, polar opposite stars of the play to a whole new degree of complexity and polarity. As Ben explained, “Pixie is a small, happy, active kitten.” Innocent, but also unaware of the dangers around her. She’s a child.”

Brutus, on the other hand, is a massive German Shepherd with a scarred face. Owner of Pixie rescued him from the Military Working Dog program when he retired (MWD). There are numerous ways in which Brutus is the exact opposite of Pixie. There are things that he’s seen. He’s a stern and imposing military dog, but he has a soft spot for Pixie, and he’s doing everything he can to keep her safe from the harsh realities of the world around him.


A large fan base can impose pressure on some artists, but Hed utilized it to push himself even farther as an artist, saying “I worry about the performance of each comic, but that was true before I started Pixie and Brutus.” As a result of the interview, his Instagram followers skyrocketed. This amazes him to no end.




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