The Evil Bird Vs. Brutus The War Dog!

As you may be aware, the Brutus and Pixie series, which stars a strong dog and an innocent kitten, is slowly gaining popularity. With a current Instagram follower following of over one million individuals, this comic series has shown its value!

We’re back with a new comic strip, as you might have guessed from the headline! If you’re new to these comic strips, you might want to start with the first few.

Pixie, on the other hand, is in danger this time, as a nasty bird is about to attack her. The bird views Pixie as easy prey since her concentration is focused elsewhere. On the other hand, the wicked crow must pray since he is ignorant of the danger that awaits him!

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credit by / pet_foolery


The Nefarious Bird Has Arrived.


‘Wham!’ Brutus Dispatches The Evil Bird In A Flash!

Pixie, The Innocent Little Girl, Has No Idea What Has Happened.

That’s Probably Why Big Brothers Exist. Indeed, This Is Love At Its Finest.

Take A Look At How Happy She Is!

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Woweee! Climbing trees sounds like a lot of fun.

we previously featured Minnesota illustrator Ben Hework, who was laughing along with his thoughts of animals flirting with people and showing his hugely popular Pixie and Brutus comic works. His Pet Foolery Instagram account, which features “goofy little comics” in various animal styles, has gone viral, with Pixie and Brutus’ popularity propelling him to over 2 million followers.

The key to the pair’s prosperity is the difference between Pixie, an adorable, credulous little cat depicted by Ben as “blissful and vivacious,” and Brutus, a blunt, tainted previous (M) canine.

They experience a wide range of undertakings, with Pixie’s excited bumblings adding despondency to the genuine and regularly surly Brutus. He does, in any case, have a weakness for herself and would put everything on the line to protect her! “Truly, Pixie and Brutus were essentially another odd comic idea that I had while at work,” Ben said in a meeting.

I had no expectation of making a progression of them; I just idea it is enjoyable to acquaint a sweet small cat with a huge, alarming conflict canine. So I made the primary Pixie and Brutus comic, and individuals preferred it such a lot of that I continued to do it.

And he’s still doing it today! To see this comic, scroll below.

credits: Instagram/ pet_foolery

We recently included Minnesota artist Ben Hework, who was snickering alongside his contemplations of creatures being a tease like individuals and showing his gigantically well known Pixie and Brutus comic works, on His Pet Foolery Instagram feed, which highlights “silly little funnies” in different creature styles, has detonated in notoriety, with Pixie and Brutus’ ubiquity driving him to more than 2 million supporters.

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