We swear we’re not crying because those pesky ninja pandas are back to cut onions. Ben Hed, a well-known Instagram artist and founder of the Pet Foolery Instagram account, has produced the most significant comic of the Pixie and Brutus tale.

Ben has finally revealed the entire story of how Brutus the dog received his scars from serving in the military, including the heartbreaking aspects. We’re not going to reveal anything to you, dear Readers, so go ahead and check it out. However, be ready to feel a range of strong emotions. After this, do you think you’ll need something to lift your spirits? What about some silly and lighthearted Pet Foolery comics? Count on us to be there for you at all times.

The new comic, by artist Ben, took him significantly longer to draw than any previous cartoon he’s released on Instagram before. This was possible because of the time and effort he put forth, not only in drawing the comic but also in doing research. Bored Panda spoke with artist Ben, who said that the new comic was the most time consuming to make of all the ones he’s ever released on Instagram. This was possible because of the time and effort he put forth, not only in drawing the comic but also in doing research.

Ben revealed why he worked so long on the comic, saying, “I’d say this was the most significant and serious comic in the Pixie and Brutus series, so I took my time to make sure I got it right.”

Credit: Pet_Foolery

Brutus finally revealed to Pixie how he got his scars

As a result of negative feedback, artist Ben explained on Instagram that everything had been well researched and that he had gone over every critique point by point. This satisfied some of the critics.

It’s easy to see why Pet Foolery is such a popular account on the photo-sharing platform. Ben’s Instagram account currently has over 2.4 million fans, and that figure isn’t likely to decrease any time soon. As long as Ben keeps creating such heartwarming and moving artwork.

In addition, he’d changed the age of Pixie in several of the comics where she was younger. Be that as it may, Ben reassured us that Pet Foolery’s comics are still the same ol’ Pixie and Brutus, with only a few minor modifications. A few alterations are also never a bad thing. They help to keep things interesting by adding new elements.

Artist Ben Hed depicted how Brutus evolved over time in one of his earlier comics.

One of the most difficult tasks for recurring cartoonists is coming up with new and original ideas for what to draw next and where to take the story. Ben is not an exception to this rule. The comedian admitted that it’s becoming increasingly difficult to come up with new jokes and concepts. At least so far, he appears to be performing admirably; hopefully, he will rise to the occasion and come out on top.

The comic about Brutus’ past made a lot of fans of Pet Foolery tear up.