Minnesota illustrator Ben Hed has been featured on Bored Panda before, when we laughed at his depictions of animals flirting like humans, and when he introduced us to the comic characters Pixie and Brutus, two of his most popular creations. Pixie and Brutus have helped him reach close to a million followers on his Pet Foolery Instagram page, which features “goofy little comics” featuring various types of animals.

Pixie, a beautiful, naive kitten that Ben characterizes as “joyful and active,” and Brutus, a gruff, cynical ex military dog, are the pair’s key to success. It’s a wild ride, with Pixie’s joyful bumblings making Brutus, who is usually stern and surly, despair. She is special to him, and he will do anything to keep her safe! As Ben explained to us, “Pixie and Brutus were just another weird comic concept I came up with while at work”. When I first conceived of the idea, I thought it would be a humorous idea to pair a lovely small kitten with a big terrifying war dog. Because it was so well received, I continued to produce Pixie & Brutus comics.”

Even today, he’s still making them. Let us know what you think about the latest comics of this wonderful series by leaving a comment below!

Credit: Pet Foolery





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